MISE launches IQ & ABACUS scholarship examination. Registration is open for Indian students.



Glorious 10 Years Of Excellence


From Educators and Celebrities -

My good wishes to Minervaa for their effort and achievements from international scholarships examinations to honoring the teachers and principals through the much celebrated edu achievement award. Minervaa has left no stone unturned empowered education at all level and has evolved as successful educational assessment organization in country.

Mr. UpendraKushwaha
Minister of State,
HRD, Govt. of India

Minervaa’s Scholarship Examination (MISE) is very helpful in understanding the learning levels of the students and planning their educational programmes. I extend my good wishes and congratulate for their unparallel efforts.

Mr. Tanversait
Department of Education
Govt. of Karnataka

Minervaa is doing a great job for the upliftment of the students and educators. There scholarships examination is a unique assessment programme in the country which helps the students a lot. Thanks to minervaa for their efforts.

Mr. T. Taloh
Director of Secondary Education
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh

Minervaa International Scholarship Examination (MISE) is a unique assessment programme for the students. It helps to the students for their general studies and future. The exams standard and uniqueness make them different from others. Thanks to minervaa for their innovative assessment programme and effort towards the field of education. Goodluck for the future endeavor.

Mr. K. Laldingliana
Director, Department of Education
Govt. of Mizoram

Minervaa is a very good platform to test one’s knowledge and level of understanding.Also competing and then achieving success among so many people gives you confidence to do more. I wish Minervaa a great success in coming future.

Dr. M.K. Karanjoy
Ex –principal
Siliguri College of Commerce

Excellent platform for a students, it helps students to test their depth of understanding and make them better prepared for future. It adds on honing skill in getting used to competitive world. Great initiative by Minervaa.

Dr. S. Duttaroy
Ex- professor
Siliguri College of Commerce

From Principals/ Teachers –

MISE question papers are very good and conducting of the test is also very smooth and fast. Teachers come to know well in time the areas children are lacking in and subsequent remedial classes are conducted. This has helped us improve our results 100 percent. We have even taken parents feedbacks who have given us full support. Along with this students are very motivated with the certificates and gifts. Thanks to Minervaa’s team for their support & service.

Mrs. Nishi Rai,
Snowdrops Academy, Mirik

Thanks to minervaa that they approached our school and conducted their scholarship programme. It is an excellent assessment programme and students will surely benefit from it. Keep up with the good work.

Mrs. Bhubaneswari Rao,
D.A.V SushilKediaVishwaBharati
H.S School, Lalitpur, Nepal

Minervaa is doing an excellent job in nurturing the future of the student. Our students have participated in MISE and a lot of students have been awarded with cash prizes, gifts and medals. Thanks to team Minervaa. Continue with the good work.

Fr. V.C. jose,
Don Bosco School, Darjeeling

MISE was a very enriching experience for our students and I am sure this will help students to build up their confidence and also help them analyze their potentials.

Dr. Shamim Akhtar,
Bangladesh International School, Bangladesh

I Thank Minervaa for all the support and guidance that it has provided to my students. The examination was conducted very smoothly and will definitely participate in the next session as well.

Mr. Niraj Singh,

MISE will help our students and boost their knowledge, while they now know to go about handling competitive exams outside school.

Ms. Laxmi char,
St. Joseph’s High School, Siliguri, India

From Parents –

My child has improved a lot. I also got to know about his weak areas in all subjects. So thanks to minervaa I would suggest every parent to encourage their child to participate in this examination.

Priyanka Agarwal,
Mother of Kusum Agarwal
Nirmala Convent School

MISE helped a lot in my child’s all round development. He has become more outgoing and now is always in lookout for such competitions especially after winning MISE scholarship and gifts. MISE has motivated my child a lot.

Rajesh Malhotra,
Father of Akshay Malhotra,
St. Xavier’s School

It is highly recommended, Minervaais giving platform to kids to excel in their favorite subject. My daughter is giving MISE exams every year and getting excellence medals& prizes every year..... I found confidence and overall growth in her.... Thanks Minervaa.

Ram Singh
Father of Snehal Singh
Don Bosco School, Siliguri

It is a wonderful platform for the children to recognize their abilities and qualities and help them excel in their life as well.

Suman Das
Mother of Sharmila Das
Holy Cross School

From Students -

It was a very good experience to be appearing for Minervaa’s Scholarship Examinations. I feel external assessment are also very important for all round development. Everyone should appear for this test.

Sagar Sikdar, XII,
Don Bosco School

I appeared for MISE examination. It really gave me an opportunity to understand my ability to tackle questions out the book. The test was in fact very helpful for me. I also got rewarded with scholarship money, medals, Certificates and other gifts. Thank you Minervaa.

Palash Sharma, Class IX,
Auxilium Convent

I am a student of class X studying in St. Joseph’s School, Matigara. I appeared for MISE and it was very helpful. I would like to appear for the MISE examinations again in the future.

Prasha Goyal, Class – X,
St.Joseph’s School

MISE helped me understand my Knowledge in various subjects. The questions were very wisely set and it helped a lot in self analysis, moreover the scholarship, medal, certificate and gifts were very encouraging. Every student should participate in MISE.

Abhijeet Joysoal, Class- VI,
St. Mary’s School

MISE Examination is very helpful especially the evaluating report. It has helped me organize my studies and now also know my strength and weaknesses and I can work out on my study routine better.

Yeasin Ali, Class-IX,
D.A.V. School

MISE examinations are very helpful for my studies, I can now work on my subjects in which I was week. Thanks to minervaa for helping me.

Arvind Kumar, Class –V
St. mary’s school