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Glorious 10 Years Of Excellence

Workshop and Seminars

Services & Support

Minervaa provides extensive service and support for our associate schools which remains unparalleled when compared to other services. Some of them are:

  • We conduct workshops and seminars for the faculties of every school, which helps them to know about the more advanced teaching methods which helps to directly impact the mind of a student.
  • We recognize schools through various award ceremonies, such as the Minervaa Edu-Achievement Award, which helps them to be distinguished among others.
  • We also help schools to increase their merit and add to their brand value through several planned methods.

Schools are important, but we as educators know the real assets are our students. The service which we provide to students is impeccable in its own ways:

  • Students and their guardians are provided with every necessary piece of information so as to prepare themselves for their examinations.
  • Underprivileged children are ensured scholarships so that their education is not stopped just because of some green bills.
  • We also support students for their higher studies by providing them with the proper counseling to choose the institution which caters to their particular interests in the best possible manner
  • Students are provided with every possible academic support, our academic team leaves no stone unturned to help the students cope up with any academic doubt.
  • Workshops and seminars are also conducted not just on academic matters but also on co-curricular and general etiquettes so that the student may grow to be a bright future for our nation.
  • Meritorious students in board examinations are recognized through ‘The Scholar Award’.