MISE launches IQ & ABACUS scholarship examination. Registration is open for Indian students.



Glorious 10 Years Of Excellence


Minervaa International Scholarship Examination (MISE) is a very unique global standard assessment and scholarship service that serves a wide array of educational purposes. The assessment procedure commits to a globally accepted standard of evaluation and is one of the best and comprehensive assessments for students. It also serves as a fundamental function to identify the student's skills in all the key learning areas. Conducted once a year, MISE sees to it that students benefit throughout the year. This test evaluates one's knowledge and understanding of varied subjects. The MISE covers subjects like Mathematics, Science, General knowledge, Computer skill, Social Studies and Art & Painting. Minervaa International scholarship Examination is conducted each year at all major schools in India. The primary reason behind conducting these scholarship examinations is to give confidence to the students so they can prepare themselves to become leaders of tomorrow. It also derives excellent education results for the students and prepares them tor their final examination and also provides aid to their future studies. Being a unique leader in assessments & scholarship examinations, MISE has set unparalleled standards in the assessment & scholarship examination space. For standard & quality in their scholarship examinations, through MISE, Minervaa is associated with a lot of government &private organizations. The attitude of people towards scholarship examinations has gradually changed; these examinations are no longer viewed as an examination where talented kids are particIpating. Now people see scholarship examinations as an examination that lead to overall development of children and an examination to nurture and encourage them tor their future &make them competitive as well as ambitious, MISE is stepping in its 10th year of educational assessment and we strive to provide over the edge excellence and unparalleled methods of scholarship examination maintaining quality service and fulfiling commitments. One of the best parts about Minervaa's International Scholarship Examination (MISE) is that even your little one can sit for the examinations. The kids studying in K.G. standards can sit tor three examinations conducted by MISE.