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Glorious 10 Years Of Excellence

International & National Study Trip

All meritorious students securing 90% and above qualify for a national and international study trip which involves the full cost of travel, lodging and food for a five/seven day trip. The study trip helps the students:

  • To socialize between the top students of other schools, which involves a healthy exchange of information.
  • To interact with scientists and educators from other reputed institutions, helping the students to extract more knowledge beyond their restricted syllabus.
  • It gives the students a global exposure about the new trends of education.
  • It motivates the students for their future studies. Not only that, but also they motivate the people in their surroundings which involves other pupils in their school as well as siblings in the family.
  • They are taken to several educational seminars and workshops, as well as they are given certification for the same which helps to recognize the efforts given by them.
  • It’s truly a lifetime experience for students as the knowledge gained in such a short notice will remain unparalleled throughout their life wherever they go.