MISE launches IQ & ABACUS scholarship examination. Registration is open for Indian students.



Glorious 10 Years Of Excellence

Best & Transparent Scholarship Examination

Minervaa has set leading standards in the assessment field through its flagship program MISE. The questions are carefully designed by experts of respective subjects according to the latest trends in syllabus of the widely followed boards, to be of the perfect difficulty for each class. Not only are the questions of the perfect standards, but also the checking procedure is well designed so as to ensure impartiality among all. Some of the reasons why we say ours is the best and transparent scholarship examination are:

  • We cater to every student’s needs, as well as their guardians’. We have a very personal connection with each student so as to satisfy all their needs in lieu of the education context.
  • No other examination strictly follows the syllabus pattern which would help the academic performance of a student. But we at Minervaa set the questions in such a manner so that it helps the student to practice and improve their knowledge about the subject according to the needs of their syllabus.
  • Generally, such assessment organizations use the method of courier/post to have the basic communication with the schools. But Minervaa has an extensive personalized touch with schools so as to reduce their burden by helping them out with the procedures by sending our own personnel.
  • The exam is conducted in a manner such that students realize the way competitive exams are held, whether it be in the board format or other popular examinations. There are invigilators/examiners sent from Minervaa so that the teachers of that respective school do not have to take any kind of burden for it.
  • It has been a very popular trend for people to choose and judge students by their ranks, but we at Minervaa truly understand the potential of each student by going with their obtained percentage. We award them prizes accordingly so as no student is left neglected because of a few marks.
  • There might be limitations in awards and scholarships in other assessments because of the ranking system, but since we strictly follow the percentage criteria for prizes and scholarships, there is an unlimited scope of winning for each student.
  • We provide scholarships on a monthly basis for meritorious students not for one month, two months, but a complete year.
  • Before any examination conducted by Minervaa, we conduct a proper and intensive workshop for the students so that they are prepared for the examination well and sound.